If your gambling habits / hobbies have caused problems like the following:

• Relationship with family members or your spouse

• Decreased the ability to meet daily needs because it has been used for betting

• Can not focus on work and disturbed routine of life

If any of the above conditions occur to you then your gambling habits have disrupted your life

Visit one of the departments mentioned below immediately to get help from experts so that your problem can be resolved immediately

• Derby Problem Gambling Resolve Center

• Anonymous Gamblers

• Derby Services for Gambling Problems

• Derby #QuitGambling Center

The “Responsible Gambling” program aims to raise public awareness about the importance of placing bets responsibly. The existence of gambling facilities is only limited to entertainment facilities and is not an appropriate effort to become wealthy overnight.

The City of Derby is always committed to providing legal and competent gambling facilities to gambling lovers without causing other social problems.